June 9, 2023

Manchester United Manager has Not Ruled out the Possibility of Transferring Ronaldo

With the closure date of the transfer window closing in, many clubs have already announced that they are done with their activities for the season.

Manchester United Still Deals with Cristiano Ronaldo Matter

However, the situation is very different for Manchester United. Even before the transfer window opened, there were reports that Manchester United was having a hard time dealing with the star player.

This is because Ronaldo is very unhappy with the overall performance of Manchester United’s squad. For him, it is all about winning tournaments and titles as his career comes to an end. 

Unfortunately, like everyone else, Ronaldo does not feel that Manchester United is prepared or has a squad strong enough to win titles. 

This has made the player even more determined to leave and find a club that is promising enough to win the titles.

Initial Claims by Manchester United

Just when the reports started to come out about the player’s demand of leaving, Manchester United claimed that no such thing was happening. 

It was also claimed that Ronaldo was not on good terms with the club’s management, Erik Ten Hag, and even the players in the locker room.

However, Erik Ten Hag continued denying all such claims. The recent reports are actually revealing the truth and it is confirmed that Ronaldo intends to leave the club before the transfer window ends.

Recent Happenings are clearing the Ambiguity

Although Erik Ten Hag continued denying such claims, Ten Hag benching Cristiano Ronaldo in both the last matches has given the message. 

There are strong speculations that Erik Ten Hag is may be considering transferring Cristiano Ronaldo. This is because Ronaldo was benched in both of the last matches against Liverpool and Southampton. 

This is an indication that Erik Ten Hag may indeed transfer Ronaldo out of the club as the transfer window ends. 

When questioned by a journalist about Ronaldo’s possible transfer and his intentions, Erik Ten Hag stated that he does not know what Ronaldo has in mind.

According to Erik Ten Hag, they want him to be on the team. Their team has a plan and Ronaldo is part of it, so he would not want Ronaldo to leave the club.  

Possible Club Options for Ronald

Ever since the transfer window opened, Ronaldo was adamant that he wanted to move out. 

However, Manchester United tried sorting things out with them. Now it seems that the club has realized that the player does not want to stay and is open to transfers.

Now, the big question is which club would want to bring him in. As the transfer window is coming to a close, many want to know which club would sign him.

So far, the possible options for Ronaldo are Napoli and Marseille. 

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