June 9, 2023


One possibility to consider seems to be the SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure, which is adaptable and practical. It offers an enormous high-impact screen, balancing weights, side barrier nets, and then a powerful, sturdy cage. The SIG12 must have been designed so that the projected image covered the entire screen. It’s indeed SIG’s largest product, measuring 12 feet wide. With appropriate room, it will also fit into any space with ease.

The size of the SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure is quite outstanding and might be more than sufficient for your requirements. It stands 8’7″ tall and measures 11″15 in width”. The tight polyester screen could withstand ball rates of up to 250 MPH and is designed for 4:3 aspect proportion projection. Do check out: Sky Pro Golf Swing Analyzer


Golf simulator SIG12 enclosure side barrier netting with sandbags load strip installation With the shipping guidelines.

Unlike previous enclosure systems that have white space at both the top but also bottom, the SIG12 was created for the display to fill the entire screen.

Your SIG12 golf simulator screen is made of high-grade materials, shows in HD resolution, and therefore is built sturdy to endure golf ball hits up to 250 MPH.

Probably take a look at our SG10 and SG8 simulator enclosures if you need a somewhat more compact configuration.

Golf simulator enclosure from PerfectBay

The PerfectBay will only be meant to be used inside. This is a feature-rich solution that can be set up without any soldering equipment. The impact screen could withstand ball speeds of up to 250 mph and therefore is designed for 4:3 projection, which fills the whole screen. The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Enclosure provides one of the greatest options for people looking for enhanced protection while spending a fortune. It has a luxurious feel. The above impact screen from PerfectBay has a great triple-layer structure as well as an extremely smooth surface. It can withstand the challenge of time because it is constructed of highly resilient polyester. In the central portion, noise from golf ball impacts is intended to be minimized.

Screen Features for SIG12

  • The image completely covers the screen (with a 4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Effortless Assembly in less than an Hour with Powder Anodized Steel Frame
  • Rapid Connectors Are Used To Join The Frame
  • The screen Is Affixed To The Frame Using Bungees
  • Tight Knit Polyester Screen
  • Black Nylon Surround

Specifications and Storage Requirements for SIG12

The SIG12 Enclosure can, in general, fit into most places.

Framework measurements

  • Dimensions: 12 ft by 2 in’
  • 9 ft by 4 in, and
  • Dimensions: 12 ft by 2 in’

Recommendations for Space

  • 14′ Width
  • 16′ Length
  • 10′ Height

Ensure your chosen space allows you to stroke your club securely. If your swinging calls for it, users might require more than 10′ high ceilings.

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